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"That's the Story of My Life" is a book of short urban tales and other brief offerings perfect for the YA Reader in your life or YOU!​ The stories are told through the eyes of male and female characters, young and old, in present day and from the ancestors. All of the stories are relatable and at least one or two will make you reflect, "That's the Story of My Life."

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STORIES THAT INSPIREJeremiah 20:9 (NIV) But if I will not mention his word or speak any more in his name,” his word is in my heart like a fire shut up in my bones.I’ve Got to Write! It’s Like Fire Shut Up in My Bones is a compilation of smoldering, heartfelt stories of love, compassion, faith, hope, forgiveness, and amazement inspired and told by members of the Chosen Pen Writers Group. For many of our authors, this is their first published work. Yet, the passion and resolve in bringing to light a story that was burning on their hearts can be found on the printed pages inside.

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More of Urban Lit’s finest take a walk on the other side in book two of the three book “Sinners Series.” Darrell King, Victor L. Martin and Essence Best-Selling authors, Tysha and Michel Moore, bring you four smashing tales, but not before National Best-Selling author, K’Wan, hits you with the powerful introduction, Oh Sinner Man. Edited by award winning author E. N. Joy, once again, some of the literary industry’s much respected authors pick up their pens to ink something outside of their norm. As the gritty tales unfold, the readers’ souls will be enveloped by the moving and unexpected outcomes. Unlike other street stories, these real and raw characters choose neither the road most traveled nor the road traveled less; they make their own way. 

Please Tell Me If the Grass is Greener.j

PLEASE TELL ME IF THE GRASS IS GREENER is the dominant work of writing of the Millennium. This compilation of seven short stories is peerless of it's kind. Each of the storytellers will take your hand and lead you through the unpredictable, and sometimes disgruntled, fields of life. . PLEASE TELL ME IF THE GRASS IS GREENER is beyond powerful, moving and all those other common descriptors. It is unfeigned.

Even Sinners Have Souls.jpg

NOIRE, CHUNICHI, KASHAMBA WILLIAMS, B.L.U.N.T. , NIKKI TURNER; These respected authorities have all come together for the first time ever, taking a break from penning their norm, to pen a piece of work that truly flowed from their spirits. Each gritty and profound story is told in a raw and real voice, luring the readers in with poignant story lines, themes and the genuine talents of each prolific author. The stories have characters who face the same struggles and tragedies that anyone growing up in the hood might endure, but what makes these stories phenomenal is the fact that although the characters might be living a dangerous, and immoral lifestyle, they are not so far gone that they can't acknowledge the power of a higher being.

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Featuring Black Expressions Bestselling author Karen Williams, along with Brandi Johnson and Iniko, this book will have readers consumed with emotion. But before it all even begins, National Bestselling author, Kiki Swinson, holds no punches in her introduction to what is sure to be the journey of a lifetime. Edited by award winning author E. N. Joy, Even Sinners Still Have Souls hits readers hard in the gut with its twisted, edge of the seat story lines and plots. The characters draw the readers into their worlds. With conflict and tension so high, the reader is almost forced to mentally endure the same daily struggles as the characters.

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