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GOAL DIGGER TIPS is for the Millennial Woman Starting a Business who is looking for guidance. Tina Lee Jones is someone who started a brand from nothing to a brand built and respected on multiple levels. Tips, Tricks & Tools on how Tina Lee Jones brought the GOAL DIGGER BRAND to the level it is today!

If you enjoyed the first version of this book, then the extended edition is definitely a must read!

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Blended Families: An Anthology is composed of personal essays from various perspectives including parents, children and other family members. The book expresses the anxiety and fulfillment of people in stepfamilies and concludes with snippets of lessons learned that are humorous, anecdotal and inspirational.

Contributions from a licensed family therapist and certified financial planner provide in-depth analysis and understanding into stepfamily issues. Topics including behavior patterns, coping mechanisms and the impact on wills, insurance and child support are discussed.

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Behind the Rank Volume 1 is a collection of powerful voices, calling out to every woman Veteran and service member. Each having faced the pressures of being a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend, all while serving their country, Lila Holley and twenty-nine women come together to impart knowledge, guidance, and compassion to support the women leaders who are now serving behind them.

These stories will encourage you to face struggles in the military head on, to cease suppressing your presence in this “man’s world,” to stand proudly in the service you have chosen, and to celebrate womanhood. Despite intimidation, oppression, and harassment you may face, you will overcome because of the qualities you possess—the ones that led you to serve honorably in the first place.

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Are you wondering how you can get funding for your art, business, dreams? Many people are interested in getting grants because there is no requirement to ever pay the money back to the funding institution. Stephanie R. Bridges has received grants for writing projects, to attend conferences and sponsorship for book giveaways. Do you have questions? Stephanie has the answers, definitions, sample documents, and links to help you Seek and Secure Individual Artist Grants.

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Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business: Ways to Achieve Financial Literary Success: There is more to being an author than writing, publishing, and selling a book. Many authors dive into the literary industry without first taking the time to learn the business side of being an author or how to navigate the waters of the literary industry. With an ever-changing industry, mastering the art of financial literary success is something that can take years. But that is what this tool and resource is for; to shorten your learning curve so that you can start making money with your book and literary business now.

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“HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT” a 30-Day Journal & Journey to Wholeness! Robin F. David knows that we have good intentions to live an emotionally balanced lifestyle through our mind, body, and spirit. So, she created a simple interactive workbook for building and improving self-love, confidence, forgiveness, and empowerment in a 30-day journey to inner renewal. Are you ready to become the radiant and powerful woman God designed you to be? In 30 days, you’ll be well on your way to having more results and healing every area in your life! Create the life you can imagine in your relationships, family, and career by being the most powerful you from the inside out!

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Young Adult Christian Non-Fiction Guide to living like a queen, being treated like a queen and "Standing Like a Queen."

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Faces of Foster Care has heartfelt and frank messages from people around the country who have been involved in some way with foster care. Told like mini memoirs, their inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking stories bring us into their lives and show us unique perspectives of foster care in the United States.

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Relationship, that is what He wants. He wants us to willingly come boldly to the throne of grace. He wants to teach us to how to develop the habit of staying in constant communion with Him. 

Singles, be encouraged. God did not create a man or woman on the face of this earth that can do for us the things He can. No man or woman exists that can supply all of our needs. There is an intimacy that our Father longs to have with us. There is a level that is higher and deeper than where we are now.

The Skinny Black Girl's Guide to Freedom

Every day women suffer emotional bondage from feeling not good enough, unworthy, or ashamed of a dark past. Whitney L. Barkley, Chief Editor of the Skinny Black Girl's Code, a lifestyle and motivational blog for women, reveals her battles with colorism, body image, faith, sexual assault, abortion, depression, and Imposter Syndrome. Throughout the Skinny Black Girl's Guide to Freedom, Whitney authentically reflects on her journey to build unbreakable confidence to master her life. This book will help you do the same. Stop allowing your self-limiting beliefs to slow you down. It's time to take accountability and action for your life to achieve personal freedom and peace.

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In Camouflaged Sisters: Silent No More, twelve women strip away all comfort and protection to share the struggles they’ve faced, not on the battlefield, but instead in places they never expected—in their homes, in their barracks, amongst friends. These are the stories of sexual trauma, domestic violence, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other dangerous challenges women in the military fight every day.

This book gives a voice to the warrior who has suffered in silence, the soldier who has been plagued by pain, and the woman who will no longer stand for injustice but will rise up as a victor and speak her truth

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Innumerable women can relate to having both visible and invisible scars from their life's journey. Yet, too often they are afraid to share how they got those scars and how they healed. That is why Lila Holley and 16 coauthors are back with Behind the Rank, Volume 2.

As you read their narratives, you will see how they dealt with an array of injuries from being wrongly accused to being denied promotions and even confined. Yet, they held on to their faith and remained positive throughout their journey. Their accounts of courage will inspire you to continue your healing process, so that you too can one day look at your scars as beauty marks

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The American Society for the Positive Care of Children (2014) states that the inability to have long-lasting friendships and relationships are linked to bad parenting habits; also depression and low self-esteem, bullying and criminal behavior. Parenting Like a BOSS was created to ignite, inspire, and empower parents to be the best parents they can be for their precious gifts. With the stated effects of bad parenting, we can no longer allow our children to grow up by themselves in a society that would not love them as much as we do. There is no judgment but only encouragement for us to enthusiastically accept and wear our parental badges of honor and Parent Like a BOSS.

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Literary Executive Planners are the Louis Vuitton of planners. Designed with beauty, elegance and quality, when these planners become a staple in the way you operate as a literary industry professional as well as organize and maintain your literary projects, everyone you work with will know you mean business about your literary business . . . and theirs! Not the average planner found in office supply stores, or the basic planner found in gift shops, book stores, and the stationary aisle, the Literary Executive is a niche yearly planner and calendar designed exclusively for the savvy and successful literary industry professional. Owners of Literary Executive Planners are not only literary industry professionals, they are literary architects building literary empires! 

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For some of us, it takes years to come to a place of ease, and we must struggle through circumstances we wouldn't wish on anyone before we come to what we knew in our hearts was possible all along. For others there is a pivotal moment, a shift in perception, or a dramatic, perhaps painful event that forever changes them. When one has lived it, they feel compelled to share their newfound knowing with others that is true of the authors is this book. Healthy, Abundant, and Wise is a collection of stories that reflect the emotions, decision-points, and transformations familiar and personal to each of us. These stories are a gift of wisdom from the authors to you. 

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What Mommy Doesn't Know will enlighten mothers about teenage children who are sexually abusing infants, children and siblings. You will learn how easy it was for them to prey on their victims due to the lack of awareness that was not provided to parents and guardians. This book will also enlighten you on the very lenient sentencing that teenagers receive for sexually abusing a child. This book is very informative for mothers who are raising children and wish to keep them from losing their innocence and hope to keep them from experiencing the same thing the children in this book have experienced. These children may never be the same again.

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Realize that you can open your palms, not just a little but a “completely “Opened Palm.” Trust Him enough to open up that clenched fist and let go of everything you think you are holding on to but it is actually holding on to you. 

Singles, be encouraged. You are not waiting by yourself. You are not in this waiting room alone. God has a purpose for all He has allowed, all He is allowing, and all He will allow. He is not a purposeless God.

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Sex, our passions, and desires are subjects that you don’t hear preached much from the pulpit. It is taught in our Marriage Ministries, but has become almost taboo in our Single’s Ministries.


Nicole teaches that God has created in us passions and desires and He wants to teach us what to do with them. Through the eyes of the bible, and the experiences of singles, Nicole teaches how to live the life God created you to live.

As Singles, we have been called to walk in freedom. We have been called to a life of holiness. We have been called to a life of “keeping it real.”