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I SPaT: In Spirit Power and Truth, takes you on one woman’s triumphant journey to spiritual wholeness. Stephanie R. Bridges introduces the idea that struggles with addictive behavior, which she continues to deal with, should never be reviled, but instead embraced as a call from God. Addiction is an illness that only He can heal, and oftentimes it is the only bridge that we will take to true salvation. Stephanie is refreshingly honest and often unavoidably raw in her poetic commentary on subjects such as fornication, abortion, adultery, and incarceration. Every poem that stems from her personal story is accompanied by scriptures that remind us that no matter where we are in life, God is right there with us In Spirit Power and Truth.

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Writing these poems was like writing away my troubles and allowing God to manifest that which had been written. I finally came to grips with two of my poems, A Daughter’s Plea and A Father’s Love. Listen, it is not important what your belief system is, yet I must admit, believing in a force that is greater than ourselves, no matter what we call it, gives us the drive to make it to another day. As you read each poem, I want to inspire you to take charge of your life. Some poems may resonate with you more than others. They are intended to spark emotion, not judgment. Hopefully, you'll be able to create new shades as you are working from the inside out and becoming that which I know you are destined to become.

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Oracle is a collection of poetry that explores  realities of nationality and race, faith, hope and self-discovery.

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Flower In My Hair: Although born with it, it seems as though it takes a lifetime to discover beauty within one's self. How does one even begin to define it? The simple appreciation of beauty is another feat in itself. It’s always been there waiting to be unearthed. Flower In My Hair is like being born again…into beauty. Be Introduced or reacquainted with self love. BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy gifts her readers with her most personal and private thoughts. In the past, she’s used her gift of written word to create and develop a multitude of characters and situations. She’s allowed readers into the lives of various colorful individuals, all of which, if pieced together, would ultimately make up her life. 

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Spoken Silence is a collection of poems written by L. Isijola. The poetry collection details her narrative as an immigrant, millennial woman living in America with an underlying theme of spirituality and faith.

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