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Children and Tween Books

Cover for If I Were Part of the Animal K

Ages: 3 to 8


If I Were Part of the Animal Kingdom is a book about Khalil, who loves animals, but hates being told what to do. We escape with him on a journey into the animal kingdom where there are no rules. He realizes that animals have limitations too and decides that it isn't so bad being a boy. He is a part of God's Kingdom, created in His image, with many capabilities and freedom, sweet freedom to be whatever chooses.

Cover for My Favorite Color is Blue.jpg

Ages: 3 to 8


My Favorite Color is Blue is about Asha who loves school and the color blue. Learning for this little girl is a fantasy awash in her favorite hue. She uses the color blue to explore the importance of book knowledge, the obstacles we have to overcome to gain it, and the wonder and wisdom of the Good Book that God provides as a guide for life. Asha excels in school, and because of her dedication, her future is as bright as the blue sky.

Fight the Air Guy Cover Final!.jpg

Ages: 3 to 8


Fight the Air Guy is a book about Jelani who fights for the attention he feels he doesn’t get at home. We watch as his alter-ego takes on the air and is triumphant in every battle. He wants nothing more than to find his place in the family. Jelani comes to realize there are people all around who celebrate his individuality. Most importantly, he knows he is the child of the All Powerful, but he still occasionally enjoys fighting the air.

CWAJGA Cover Question Mark Final!.jpg

Ages: 3 to 8


Can We All Just Get Along? is about Nandi growing up in a household of older siblings that battle over everything – who gets the front seat, who’s looking at who, and who called it first. She has her mind set on teaching her siblings how to get along with each other by example and through song. Nandi has wholeheartedly embraced that she is her Brothers’ and her Sister’s Keeper.


Ages: 8 to 18


The “Keep the Peace” Movement is just that; a movement kicked off with a book. What an accomplishment for these young ladies age 6 to 60. Each contributor shared their art, their insight, their photograph, and their biographical information to make this book come together. We are a force of twenty-one now, but Peace is something that needs to be shared universally, so there is plenty of room for growth with this movement! Please journey with us – this is only just the beginning. We hope these stories, poems, lists, statements, activities, compositions, and quotes will inspire you to “Keep the Peace” and spread the movement.

Journal KeepThePeace_FinalCover_RGB.jpg

Ages: Any

The "Keep the Peace" journal is great for writing your thoughts and ideas about what cultivating and maintaining peace means to you.

Secret Cover.jpg

Ages: 4 to 8


Olivia has a secret - a BIG secret. It's a secret that she tells only to her very best friend. And her friend promises she won't say a word. But the secret is really BIG and really Juicy. What happens when a trusted friend slips and the secret gets out?

Operation Book.jpg

Ages: 9 to 12 (Tween Chapter Book)


Kennedy, Daryn, and Joy Soul are three hip sisters who live in a small suburb in Ohio. These three girls have never gotten along with each other and have never agreed upon anything; not even the day of the week. But when Bo Hart, their mom's new boyfriend, comes into the picture after years of it being just the sisters and their mother, each of the girls can finally agree upon one thing: That they need to get rid of Mom's new boyfriend! The Soul sisters pull the oldest tricks in the book, as well as some new original ones of their own, to discourage the relationship between Bo and their mother. Will the girls finally get their way, or will things backfire in a way they never imagined?

Sabella cover 2016.jpg

Ages: Pre-school to 8


Be enchanted by this Fairy tale for children of all ages. Journey with Sabella deep into the forest as she seeks out the only person that she believes holds the key to her and her mother’s happiness. Enjoy this adventurous story as the hidden little life lesson unfolds.

Lets All Go to the Park Playground.jpg



This book is a wonderful rhyming story about spending the day at the biggest playground in town.The children cannot wait to get to the park and enjoy playing in the fresh air and sunshine.With so many things to do, they move from one adventure to the next enjoying all this playground has to offer.What a great day for the whole family!

Saw a Banana Monster in my Window.jpg



A little girl has an encounter with a banana monster! Who will win?

Where is Joni.jpg



Skip is searching for Joni so they can play together. Searching for her becomes quite an adventure. Will he ever find her?

Jonis Closet.jpg



Joni is playing with the clothes in her closet. What an imagination she has.

Ellie and the Rainy Day.jpg

Ages: 2 to 5


Ellie loves to play outside and it’s exactly what she wants to do today. But when she wakes up to pouring rain, she is sure that her day is ruined. Luckily, mommy saves the day just in time and Ellie learns how to be creative and have fun even when things don’t go as planned. A perfect book about adventure for children 2-5 years old.


My Favorite Shirt.jpg



Meet Brenda, a very normal nine-year-old girl except, she has a very big secret. She dreams one day of becoming a famous writer. So, Brenda thought it was a good idea to start recording her childhood and put her stories into books. In this story, Brenda takes us into one of her hardest challenges yet: she is asked to give up her favorite shirt to someone in need. See how Brenda handles this task and how she comes out being strong and courageous in the end.


Will You Be My Friend


Samuel is a six-year-old boy and is in the first grade. He has an amazing ability to share his life as he manages his autism. Raising autism awareness in our communities through the lens of a child has favorable outcomes. This relatable story provides insight into how Samuel promotes anti-bully behavior. The book is equipped with an autism guide and anti-bullying worksheet. "Will You Be My Friend? is an educational, celebratory children's book that teaches our kids about embracing the things that make us different and welcoming those differences in other people. " ~Mayor Andrew J. Ginther, Columbus, Ohio


Cocoa Tea and Honey.jpg

Ages: 2 to 8

Despite the differences that set us apart, our shared experiences bring us together.

Do you want to be a part of a friendship that’s sweet, warm, and full of love? Then come join Cocoa, Tea & Honey! These three friends are always there for each other, no matter what. They love spending time together and sharing laughter and hugs. look like them.


Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear.jpg


Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear is an opportunity for young readers to go on a journey with five-year- old Aliyah as she experiences many different emotions that are natural phases in the grief process. Aliyah’s beautiful spirit is tested as she discovers that her beloved Bearry is missing. Pay close attention to examples of how she shows Anger, Blame, Sadness and eventually Acceptance and Healing. This book not only speaks to children but will also speak to adults who experience these very natural feelings and emotions. Grief and loss are experienced by the entire family, Aliyah’s hope is that she can reassure you that life will get better with time.


Beautiful Girl.jpg

Beautiful Girl uses the same principles and inspiration from the There's Beauty Inside... Book Series. This book shows girls how to be beautiful by their words, thoughts, and actions. Examples are shown of what positive words girls can say, how to see the beauty within themselves, and how to see the beauty in other girls as well.


Hugs in the mail.jpg


Grandparents have a powerful influence of positive love and acceptance in children. In this story, Kallie and Kasen have a tough time being away from their Granny. How will they handle being apart and make the most out of their moments together? An adorable story to celebrate grandparents and show that nothing compares to a grandmother's love.


This Girl.jpg

Ages: 9 to 12

All girls are beautiful but many times our world makes it hard for girls to believe it. Girls are not beautiful because of what she has on or what is on the outside but a girl is beautiful because of what she has on the inside. This book does an awesome job building up a girl’s confidence in her beauty and her strengths. Many of the topics covered are perfect for girls who are in middle school or are entering middle school. Girls will have the chance to learn about relationships, inner beauty, community, and self-confidence. Girls will also have the tools they need to use social media in a beautiful way, be introduced to financial literacy and take pointers on how to lead as a beautiful girl.


This Young Lady.jpg

Ages: 13 to 17

This book does an awesome job relating to teens, helping them deal with their emotions in a positive way, and showing them how to be beautiful in every area of their lives.The topics discussed in this book are great for girl groups, book clubs, and beneficial reading for any girl. Many of the topics covered are perfect for girls who are in transition to high school or those who may be in high school already. Teens will have the chance to learn about relationships, community, Inner Beauty, and Self-confidence. Young ladies will also have the tools they need to use social media in a beautiful way, be introduced to financial literacy and take pointers on how to lead as a beautiful young lady.


Jacobi Jacobi.jpg


"Jacobi Jacobi What can I Be" is a vibrant ABC book that takes young learners along for a ride with Jacobi as they develop early literacy skills. In this book, young learners receive positive affirmations for each letter of the alphabet, enhancing the child's understanding of letters, sounds, words, and language. Along the ride, Jacobi helps young learners build self-esteem and identity through encouragement, emphasizing loving who God made them to be!


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