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Inspired by a true story, The Fire Within is one woman's journey of adversity, resilience and triumph. Growing up in the sixties, in an era of extremes, where feminism, 'free love' and freer spending were common… Receiving love, affection, guidance, encouragement, or even financial advice, for Janet, was as rare as winning the lottery... While racism, colorism and sexism ruled the day. When life altering, occurrences threaten to kill... Janet struggles through and survives the storm. Her enduring faith and willingness to rise above seemingly insurmountable odds, is a testament to her resolve! Janet offers insightful consolation to women hurting everywhere.Discover her triumph and read how Janet's life journey sparked a blaze that illuminated The Fire Within.

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When it comes to men, primarily African American men, speaking on our feelings and emotions seem taboo. In this book, I want to break the cycle by speaking of my own situations. Not too often do you hear men talk about divorce, problems in their relationships, and mental health issues. This is an honest testimony of a relationship, marriage, and eventual separation. The path taken post separation, and things that I was forced to overcome. Every honest emotion, good and bad is provided to show you something raw and true. From a man's point of view. Featuring some of my most personal poetry, and my own version of personal self-help. "Its Funny Till it's You," is the story of a young man who has a relationship strip him down. See how emotional and mentally naked it makes him.

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Growing up in the heart of Chicago, going to school meant getting out of the ghetto. Still, getting an education wasn’t at the top of her priority list when it came to surviving. Ashanté experienced loss and suffered the kind of grief no young woman should ever endure. Images of her friends’ lifeless bodies left on the streets for hours still haunt her. Living with gun violence, surrounded by hate and death was the cruel reality she found herself in. But with strength and determination, Ashanté refused to let her circumstances define her. Through art, music, education, and mindfulness she learned to accept her past, and to take control of her own present. This book is about unconditional love for life itself, and about finding help in the most unusual places. School Daze is a voice for those who are unable to find the words they so desperately need to say.

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Dive into an experience of a college student who entered as an eager boy and came out, a wise man who survived an educational roller coaster ride. The author’s true story of entering a whole different world at college. Share in his personal life changing experiences that made him grow up quickly, from homelessness to winning. You will laugh, cry and be proud along with the author who navigates his way through finding maturity through lessons learned.

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