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The Devil Made Me Do It.jpg

The voluptuous Esther Wiley has always known that she is special. She's a tiara-wearing, wand-carrying kind of Cinderella princess in disguise. Briggs Stokes is the reluctant heir to his father's worldwide, multimillion-dollar televangelist ministry, yet he yearns to be his own man. His past mistakes have caused him a private life of hurt and loneliness. Esther and Briggs meet and develop a deep soul connection, until tragedy strikes and the two are thrust apart.  When others devise evil schemes to seek the destruction of Esther and Briggs through jealousy, greed, and murder, only divine intervention can save them. As an all-out battle for dominion breaks out in the heavens, will Esther and Briggs become a casualty of war?

Tell the Truth the Devil Won't.jpg

Esther Redding doesn’t realize it, but she desperately needs a change. Her Cinderella tiara is tarnished, and her glass slippers cracked. No longer any one’s knight in shining armor, Briggs Stokes always had a soft spot for Esther. She was in his blood, and he didn’t want a transfusion. When he returns to Detroit, he decides that nothing will keep him from her door. Well, nothing . . . but the once reformed bad girl, Monica Stokes Hawthorne, Briggs’s ex, who wants to be his—give me one more chance, again—wife. More than one household is upset when the prison doors swing open and a “rehabilitated” Roger, Esther’s ex, returns home. Following Roger is a force so sinister that no one will be left untouched. When truth is held hostage by lies, mayhem ensues. And when it does, the lives of Esther, Briggs, Monica, and Roger are forever changed.

Yesterday's Tomorrow.jpg

Who says a girl needs her mother? But Alyx can’t help but wonder if her mother could have at least helped her avoid some of the destructive behaviors that often leave her broken.
It doesn’t matter that Alyx’s mother turns a blind eye, while Alyx is one punch away from getting a black eye, due to the torment her mother’s boyfriend, Tony, puts her through. As if that isn’t enough, Tony invites his son to participate.

For once in Alex's life she’s relieved when she meets a man who she feels she’s headed in the right direction with. When he turns out to be someone totally opposite, she finds herself at a fork in the road. Life and death decisions have to be made; and not just for Alyx.

Sister Surrogate.jpg

"Three sisters and a baby equal family drama...
Bridgette, Ivy and Savannah have always been close, and as with any sisterhood, it hasn't been without its challenges, but they always manage to come together in times of need.
When the youngest, Savannah is faced with a life altering illness which threatens her lifelong desire to have children, one of her sisters offer to give her the ultimate gift--to become her surrogate.

While Savannah is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about motherhood, not everyone in the family shares her sentiments. The upcoming addition to their family seems to cause discord rather than joy."

Christmas Past_edited.jpg

Christmas just ain't Christmas...
While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for most, Addison Ross is haunted by the tragic events of Christmas past. The losses she suffered and pain she endured, damaged the bond she had with her family and hardened her heart. Addison vowed to never return home, but after four years away, she journeys back to North Carolina to deal with what drove her away and grapple with shocking revelations that changes everything she knew about her life

More Than I Can Bear.jpg

Some would say God will not put on a person more than they can bear, but Paige begs to differ, because she is truly on the edge. One more unexpected and unpleasant occurrence and she'll be free falling. 

As if physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual abuse from her husband doesn't weigh heavily enough on her, Paige learns that her best friend and sister in Christ slept with her husband. Thank God for Norman, one of Paige's co-workers. He is there to catch her fall before she hits the ground. But will Norman be there when Paige receives news that may not only push her off the edge, but cause her to jump willingly?

And You Call Yourself a Christian.jpg

Out of all the divas at New Day Temple of Faith, Unique has to be the most colorful one--she and her mother Lorain, that is. Never one to hold her tongue in the name of keepin' it real, it's no surprise that Unique has not been saved all her life. It's safe to say that Lorain wasn't born on the church pew either. Lorain--once known as the tight skirt, V-neck blouse, too much makeup-wearing leader of the New Day Singles Ministry--claims she's there to look out for her daughter and try to keep her in check. Some might say Lorain has fails miserably when Unique ends up in jail for three counts of murder. One who would agree is the woman who raised Unique while Lorain was out living her life freely. As an all-out war takes place between Unique's birth mother and the woman who raised her, will Unique have any support while she fights for her life behind bars? 

I Aint Me No More.jpg

Helen wasn't just born the devious vixen of New Day Temple of Faith. There has to be something rooted deep within her to make her feed off of the pain she inflicts on other people. Perhaps it is her own pain that she has suppressed for so many years. Whatever the cause, once the demons within her break free, those around her better beware. Helen feels no shame about the fact she hasn't been saved. Will the divas of New Day Temple of Faith think Helen is worth saving? More importantly, can God save Helen from not only her evil past, but from herself?

One Sunday At a Time.jpg

What does crazy look like? Let Deborah tell it: It's the reflection that looks back at her in the mirror. Her life seems to be the blueprint almost every woman she knows would kill to live. With all the scheming and shenanigans Deborah orchestrated to get this lifestyle, she might have to come up with a whole set of new ones to maintain it. Deborah's husband, Lynox, feels all Deborah needs in life is to let her hair down; maybe make some new friends and live a little. When Deborah agrees and then suspects Lynox of having an affair with the woman he suggested she form a friendship with, will he live to regret his own advice?


Cyndi is a story with a girl who’s life begins in Brooklyn, NY. She has many questions about her past and feels lost. But knows that she can count on her best friend Martina, who’s always got her back regardless of how bad things may be. Eventually, Cyndi becomes older and she’s discovering things about herself, but she’s unsure of which direction to go to. She wants to leave unhealed wounds unsurfaced, yet she wants to press forward and ask questions like, “why did this happen? Who’s gonna be there for me?” Cyndi wants to feel loved and accepted, and she wants to feel wanted. This is a tale that can have you understand her thoughts and feelings as Cyndi trudges along her life journey.

Chronicles of a Broken Girl.jpg

If you enjoyed the movie Set if Off, then you will definitely experience a constant page turner with Runaways. Smith keeps her readers on the edge of their seat with her thrilling stories and suspenseful plots. Runaways is a story of four girls who come from completely different backgrounds, but come together when they escape a traumatic encounter. But with such different pasts, can these teens learn to bond and support each other through the brutal storms of hard times? Or do they fall for the temptation of chasing fast money, indulging in promiscuity, and tampering in crimes that can have them on the constant run forever? Enjoy the suspenseful events and tear-jerking relationships these ladies encounter in Runaways.

Keona sat outside the hospital trying to bring herself to turn the car off and go inside. Her thoughts raced back and forth, between past and present, seemingly at the speed of light. She blinked back tears and took slow deep breaths. “Calm down Keona,” She whispered, but she could feel her palms began to sweat. The more her memories washed over her, the heavier her chest became. After everything she had sacrificed to leave this man, this burden, in her rearview, she found herself sitting outside this hospital digging up all these emotional corpses. She allowed their foul smell to torment her.  There she sat, head pressed against the wheel, bracing for whatever would come. The impact was slow and meticulous. 

Sprouting Seeds_edited.jpg
The Anniversary.jpg

Cora takes us on an emotional journey with intriguing tales of her youth through the segregated past of the Louisiana Bayou. She shares joyful and sometimes heartbreaking memories of the times she spent in the rural South, from stories of oppression to tales of lustful temptations in the nights at the swamp. Despite the racism and discrimination she faces, Cora perseveres and overcomes the various adversities she encounters, sometimes even battling them with her deep-rooted spells and rituals passed down from her ancestors. But will some happenings be just too horrible for Cora to overcome? Join Cora, the compelling matriarch of this southern Bayou family, for a voyage through time that answers these questions and more, in Sprouting Seeds....

In the Anniversary you will meet Grandville and Juliette Stubbs, as they attempt to come to terms with several losses that precipitate Grandville’s mental health diagnosis. The trials and tribulations chronicled by the Stubbs family in this fictional account explore several topics, including communication, marriage, acceptance and forgiveness. This work was created to give a voice to individuals and their families who live daily with past trauma, loss, and the stigma attached to being diagnosed with a behavioral health disorder.

The Commemoration.jpg

What do you do when your kingdom is under attack? Grandville and Juliette Stubbs have weathered the tumultuous storms that have rocked their world as a result of the shocking and tragic death of their eldest daughter, Jessica and imprisonment of the head of their household. The Commemoration, which is the sequel to the blockbuster novel, The Anniversary, picks up right where the compelling debut novel left off. As Grandville grapples with the complexities of adjusting to his transition home from prison, resuming his relationship with his wife, and dealing with the challenges of fatherhood, he is mindful of preserving his mental health.

The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box.j

Successful. Beautiful. Intelligent. Yet a satisfying relationship eludes Debra Hampton. At thirty-five years old, she can’t figure out why her philosophy on men—and what they want from women—isn’t working. She’s trapped in a cycle of shattered relationships, until a friend refers her to a relationship guru. After some resistance, Debra finds refuge in the counsel of a relationship expert as he helps her navigate through the storms of rejection and failed love. Once he reveals the error of her ways, will Debra master the forbidden secrets to attract her soul mate or continue to keep love at bay?

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