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Diane Ladybug Ivery

Diane Ladybug Ivery truly believes that one person can make a difference, so her question often is, "Will you be that One?” She is the Program Manager at Goodwill, where she provides services for adults with mental and physical disabilities, and the Artistic Director of Power in Praise Dance Ministry. Her greatest passion is the inspiration she creates through “The Morning Message” which she has been writing since 2007 and was published as a book in 2018. 

Whitney Barkley

After being teased about being a “skinny black girl”, Whitney Barkley decided to take her four-eyes and slim behind to the World Wide Web to express herself. Through her blog, she has helped women overcome obstacles imposed by self-doubt, low self-esteem, and societal constructs. The Skinny Black Girl’s Guide to Freedom discusses how she conquered colorism, sexual assault, toxic relationships, abortion, and depression to live confident and abundant life.

Bridges Book Club 

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